…Yeah…I haven’t been around much have I?

No real excuses if I’m honest.  Just between making that monster of a cosplay, selling just about everything I own on eBay, moving and organising a 3 month monster of a trip, actually finding a spare hour in the evenings to write anything has actually been harder than expected.  To the point where even when I wanted to write, it was the one thing that got pushed to the side.

But as it is, I’m writing this from Mongolia – my once-in-a-lifetime backpack trek underway. 

Well…sort of.  As it turned out my backpacking dream was a bit overambitious, and I did end up putting my backpack in cargo instead of hand luggage – it was just too heavy with my winter gear.  Plus it meant I could take another daypack.  Though cannot WAIT until I hit warmer climates and can empty out about 40% of my gear.

Since most of what I’ll be writing now is a travel diary, I made up a blog specifically for me to write about my journey:


If you liked my blog (at least when it was active) or are interested in reading about me complain and freak and generally act like the worlds worst Westerner in Asia, hopefully you’ll follow me there too.  I’m not saying I wont be updating this blog again (non-travel entries still need a home), but it’s definitely taken a step back for this one.