So Taekwondo was on summer holiday for two weeks, and I’d already missed a lot of classes.  With this, I was going to lose even my Kettle Bell classes, and when I went back, I was going to be in such terrible shape I’d probably die within 5 minutes.

So with this in mind, I hatched a clever plan.  Every day after work, I headed to the gym with my iPad loaded with One Piece episodes.  Every weekday I kept up some form of training, if only biking and walking, doing a good 40 minutes to an hour a day.  As such, although I had to miss Monday’s class, I walked into Kettle Bells on Tuesday fairly confident I could get through it with minimal damage.

Oh how young and naive I was.  Turns out that although going to the gym regularly is a very good thing, the muscles one uses to ride a bike or walk up a steep hill are completely different to the ones used to squat and lift a kettle bell.  Halfway through the class my arms were ready to give out from atrophy.  My only saving grace was that the rest of the class (teacher included) were having just as much trouble.

And as an added disappointment, I discovered I’m back to 11 stone on the weights after 2 weeks without weighing.  Yes some of that’s hopefully muscle, but I was genuinely hoping to get my weight back down to 10, not go screaming in the opposite direction when I haven’t lost any inches on the waist either.

So disappointing day…but the best was yet to come.  Work up this morning (to thunder and lightning, summer has officially left), and my legs refused to move.  Feels like they’ve been replaced with cocktail sticks – no strength and poking my flesh with sharp ends.  Doing anything that required bending of my knees resulted in much whimpering and awkward manoeuvring – least I’ve lived with it before and know it will get better after a few weeks.  Note to self, next time I go to the gym I do squats with the weights too!

As for the class?  Pretty small, and very hot.  Turns out on Monday, one member even fainted from the temperature.  We didn’t get that bad, but did get one nugget for my ego.  Despite failing every single hurdle we had (couldn’t get through one press up, or the plank, or even parts of the warm up), I managed to get through the class and the additional open pad training without becoming completely out of breath – a genuine first.  Might not have done anything else, but the gym has improved endurance.  Monday, and the inevitable bleep test will hopefully let me see how much.