Well, spent half an hour writing the start of an entry, only to realise halfway through that I was talking about someone else, and really shouldn’t write about another person when I’m not even part of that story (just outraged on their behalf).  So I had to scrap it and try to figure out what to write instead that’s not hideously old news.  And naturally, despite my determined post last night, I’m all over the place today.  So let’s go with the one thing I’m proud of.

Taekwondo has been on holiday for the last 2 weeks.  Not that big an issue for me as I’ve been pretty much laid off for the last month and a half with a torn muscle that still hasn’t healed!  However, because of this, the last time I was at Kettle Bells, I checked my weight and nearly passed out.  Skipping my regular exercise, my weight has slowly crept up and up, and 2 weeks ago, I was close to 11 stone.  That’s nearly a full stone that’s crawled back on since April – something had to be done.

Then my mind wandered back to the half-baked plan I’d had months before.  The idea of finally utilising the full power of my iPad, uploading several dozen episodes of One Piece, and then watching them while exercising.  With even my Kettle Bells gone, I decided it was worth a shot.  So every day after work for the past 2 weeks, I’ve gone down to the gym at work, and spent 40-60 minutes a day on the bike and the treadmill watching 2-3 episodes.  Two things have happened thanks to this – One: I’ve been painfully reminded of just how long One Piece took to get through the Enies Lobby/CP9/Buster Call arc, 2 weeks of episodes and I’m still not at the end.  And Two: watching a show you actually enjoy instead of the TV in the gym is a GREAT motivator.  I only skipped out 1 afternoon, and as of this week I’ve managed to increase the level of difficulty on the bike.  Up until Thursday, I could do about 5 minutes on level 10 – now I can keep it up for the entire 20 minutes.

I’m elated – apparently going to the gym does pay off.  That said, the inches around my waist don’t seem to have shifted – but I also haven’t weighed myself.  Managed to keep to the herbalife shakes last week, though faltered this week due to carrying my wallet one too many times to work.  Will be missing TKD on Monday for non-leg related issues, but will be there on Wednesday for the first bleep test I’ve had in months.  Hoping the gym workout will pay off and I’ll still be able to get to level 9.