Well now…that took a little longer than expected.

I admit it.  I just sort of…crashed and decided that I couldn’t write.  Even went through the standard I’m-never-going-to-write-again phase for about a week.  And not just the blog – I haven’t updated any fanfiction or worked on original fiction at all either.  In fact, I’ve been meaning to update this all week…and finding reasons not to.  However, things have been piling up, things that I could have quite easily written about, but didn’t due to sheer laziness and getting distracted with other things.  I mean, in just over a month and a half…

  • Had a clean desk policy enforced at work, which has resulted in many a painful back from having to lug crates of letters to and from cupboards to desks (and no, nobody is happy with this arrangement – especially since the cupboards we’re using ‘for security’ aren’t locked).
  • My line manager has retired, and our floor manager is proving how woefully over his head he is by STILL not having someone to replace her.
  • Had my faith restored in anime with this year’s offerings of Hataraku Maou-Sama!, Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa and Swim
  • Got my hair cut the shortest its ever been – love it and have plans to go even shorter.
  • Saw Epic (disappointing), Now You See Me (glorious), and Man of Steel (astonishingly-better-than-expected)
  • Went bowling for the first time this year…and was painfully reminded just why it’s been a year.
  • Got to see the How to Train Your Dragon teaser – which had me gibbering in a corner of Tumblr for a good 3 hours
  • Started going to the gym 5 days out of 7 to try and get myself in shape while Taekwondo was on holiday…and actually managed to keep it up!

However, enough is enough – Had a long summer holiday, and now it’s back to updating.

Now to be fair, it isn’t like I haven’t been busy.  My evenings have been pretty full.  For one thing my great Perth trek is now in full organisation mode.  I’ve booked nearly all my accommodation, my Dad and Stepmum have offered to help cover the cost of the Vodkatrain, and I’m just waiting for my passport renewal so I can start buying visas.  As well as this, my cosplay has taken up a lot of my time.  I’m doing this:


This is the Heat Dopant from Kamen Rider W movie ‘Gaia Memories of Fate’.  And yes, you can laugh at me – I am more than aware of how much effort (and money that I don’t have) this will cost me.  Is costing me.  However it’s the last one I’ll make for a while, so I’m willing to make a little more effort.  So now I have a mannequin covered in red velvet and pleather, while a paper mache helmet lies in the kitchen half covered in paper mache pulp that I made from scratch dries up.  Thankfully not taking too long due to the weather.

Which was my other major distraction.  This was the first day the weather hasn’t been in the 20 degrees region in over a month.  Something my poor Scottish brain hasn’t been able to process.  We don’t get hot sunny weather.  Anything above 12 is considered beach weather over here.  Suddenly faced with this kind of temperature has left my wardrobe woefully inadequate, and generally exhausted.  Also a little bit annoying, because for the first time in 3 years, my hay fever has been acting up because we actually have blooming flowers again.  That said, I’m the only one complaining – my foreign roommates are adoring the far-more-familiar-to-them weather – I swear the Italian is just 2 more days sunning in the park from changing ethnicity – he’s gone so brown!

Now, with the exception of my allergies, I don’t like to complain about nice weather.  But when you’re getting it at a time you have to glue yourself to a sewing machine, it’s not too much fun.  You go out and feel guilty about not doing the work you need to do.  But if you stay in, you feel awful because you’re missing (and in this country it very well could be) the last hot summer in Scotland.  Made even worse by the fact that due to my room having gigantic windows in 2 walls, I get the sun ALL DAY.  So from the time between 11 in the morning and 6 at night?  I am forced from my bedroom for my own safety.  Even with the windows open and the door wedged, the temperature is horrifying.  My laptop keeps shutting down from overheating and when I made the mistake of leaving a box of protein bars on the shelf, I came home to protein bar fondue.  Not to mention what my mother’s birthday toffee felt like this afternoon when I picked up the bag…  Can’t even keep milk in the fridge from going sour right now because the kitchen has the same problem.

Course, it did mean that I got to enjoy a barbeque for the first time in years too.  My roommates all organised it on Tuesday very last minute, and we drove out to the coast, finding a great flat rock with a view of boats, cliffs and lighthouses.  Spent quality time with my roommates at the only barbeque I’ve had this summer, and one of the more unique since it was almost fully vegetarian too.  Had a sausage bun at the very end, but the main course was stuffed peppers, halloumi cheese, tomato, avocado and prawn skewers, along with classic corn on the cob.

Sadly, I couldn’t fully enjoy myself because of overwhelming guilt.  Not long after setting up, one of our group discovered that we’d set up shop on top of a baby chick!  Literally huddling not more than a few inches away from the plates frozen and perfectly camouflaged.  Suddenly the 2 birds flying around calling out made a lot more sense.  Not really knowing what to do, but realising there was no nest in sight and when it got darker there was no way we weren’t going to accidentally step on it, I grabbed a piece of kitchen towel, and gingerly moved the chick out of the danger zone.  To my astonishment, not 5 minutes later both parents had followed its cheeps and I spotted them leading the little guy deep into the rocks.

But the story didn’t end there.  Not an hour later we spotted another chick running across this rock face.  Along with another chick on the opposite side of the rock.  Managed to get these 2 reunited (original chick was being cared of by parent no.1 a good 100 metres away by this point) and I was focused on them all night – feeling awful that I’d separated this family through the best of intentions (much to the consternation of my roommates who clearly thought I was overreacting – but their little cries and parent calls were so hard to hear sometimes!)

Thankfully, it has a sort of happy ending.  When I got home I looked up the birds via the RSPB website.  Turns out, they were Ringed Plovers – a species that doesn’t have a typical ‘nest’.  They lay their eggs in a shallow sort of hole, and when the chicks hatch, they leave the nest as soon as their feathers dry.  The parents keep an eye on them, but they’re capable of surviving on their own almost from birth – so there was no broken nest or real abandonment issues to worry about.

However, today the weather was much cooler.  Still don’t-need-a-jacket weather, but cool enough that my room isn’t a death trap, so I can sit at my computer for a couple of hours to type this out comfortably.  Now if tomorrow remains the same temperature, I can write out my already planned entry and hopefully keep this ball rolling.