Although there’s no love lost between me and my home city, there are always silver linings to any location.  This weekend was one of them.  The International Market.

ImageTo be fair, a lot of places have International Markets, and every time it shows up I spend money I don’t have on food I don’t need, but given that it comes 4 times a year I never quite have the willpower to stay away.  And this time around not only was it here from Friday to Sunday – it didn’t rain this weekend.  In fact it was broiling hot all 3 days.  I had to keep the door and windows open in my room before I left, or the heat increased to the point where I couldn’t enter it once I returned (which, by the way, is not something I’m accustomed to in Scotland).

ImageNormally this market gets rained out, so the good weather meant there was a massive crowd throughout the day, and I had to struggle through masses for stuff.  All the usual stands were there – alternative burgers (I love being able to genuinely say I know kangaroo burgers taste better than crocodile burgers), mini pancakes, garlic potatoes (and then I wonder why my stomach’s been so queasy today), the stupidly expensive grocer with squashed peaches and French tomatoes.  Plus my very favourite stand:

ImageDon’t see them very well, but at the far end of that stand are different flavours of meringues.  The strawberry and chocolate ones are to die for – I have to hold myself back or I end up coming home with bags full.  Its right up with epi French bread on my list of things ‘I Just Can’t Say No To.’

Of course, I was so bad this weekend; I only got away with it due to being paid this week.  And I then spent Sunday evening feeling depressed when I realised how much I’d spent on food when I wasn’t even hungry (nothing got held back but chutney), considering I’m supposed to be saving money and keeping to a diet.  I have no self control whatsoever (unlike my roommate who still has half an Easter egg sitting on the shelf – seriously, how the hell has she pulled that one off?).

So now I’m slapping my cheeks and swearing to detox.  I managed to keep my spending down relatively well last month, so I think now that I’m back to Taekwondo and have a schedule again; I can keep to my milkshake diet.  Or at least if I buckle – it’ll be something like Ryvita and spicy tomato chutney instead of chocolate, cookies and ice cream.  Given the way my stomach’s been churning, my body isn’t happy with the arrangement, but have to stay strong!