You know, considering I’ve had to spend 6+ weeks not going to Taekwondo to get my leg functional, missed out on yet ANOTHER grading, and suffered typical lethargy the past few weeks from having my schedule completely skewered, you’d think my body could cut me just a little slack.

Nope.  This morning I woke up with a very stiff wrist.  Come 10am it’s so bad I can barely move it in certain directions. 

Am I worried?  No.  Annoyed?  Yes, but mostly because I thought I was done with this – it’s been a year without incident, and I haven’t even done anything to warrant it!

Simply put, in 2009 I kind of fell up a set of stairs while in costume.  Felt a little stiff the first day, the second day it was slightly sore, then on the third day it was time to go home.  And it felt like someone had slammed a screwdriver in my wrist.  Complete agony, to the point I made a makeshift sling out of my shirt just to keep myself from shaking it.  Ended up going to A&E just to make sure I hadn’t actually sprained it.  As it turned out, no – most likely situation was I’d torn the ligaments in my wrist.

And thus began 2 years of hell.  Ligaments are an absolute nightmare to heal – even keeping it restrained and holding back in class, one right hit and I can’t type the next day.  The part time job was the worst part though – heavy lifting and cold temperatures with one arm is not fun.

For the better part of 2 years I was suffering with a weak wrist on and off.  I was starting to think it was never going to heal – it’s affect me so much that my left wrist has physically become the stronger – my right acts more like a glass cannon.  Oddly enough my torment ended after a self defence class.  We were doing wrist locks and releases, and I despite trying to avoid twisting the wrist, my arm was in agony after the class, and I braced myself for the restraint again…only to wake up and find my wrist felt just fine.  Apparently torturous twisting was just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, it still bugs me every now and then, so I have to keep the stupid thing in the drawer just in case I have a relapse.  And today was the first time in nearly 6 months…but I haven’t injured it or done anything stupid!  All I can assume is that I slept with it at an angle or something.

Anyway, this forced me to dig through a drawer and dig out the wrist restraint to keep myself from howling in pain every time I picked up a needle for my costume or type.  Really hoping I can shed it tomorrow – although I’m glad I managed to do stuff regardless of pain, I kind of like not having a limb incapacitated if I can help it.