Think it’s safe to say I’ve passed my peak when it comes to writing consistently.

To be fair, I made it past 3 months before I hit my slump – but it’s getting pretty clear that I can’t quite seem to keep up the pace that I desired at the start of the year.  I never intended for this to be as much of a diary as it’s been – but lately I’ve had no desire to put any effort into writing anything more than the basics.  But to be fair, everything kind of feels that way.  Original fiction is a complete dead end, and actually putting fingers to keyboard sometimes fills me with a cold dread.  Perhaps writing every day is actually making me forget why I actually want to write in the first place.

It could be due to me still not having my schedule back to normal, but can’t deny my creativity (as well as any work ethic if I’m honest) has dried up with no sign of returning.  Desperately hoping it’s just a funk – although if recent events have taught me anything, just powering through isn’t necessarily the best course of action.  Perhaps taking a break and making it so I only have to update every 2-3 days would make it easier to stick to.  Of course, then I start the slippery slope towards updating whenever I feel like it, and the next thing you know I’ll be updating once a month – NOT what I signed up for.

Not entirely sure how to fix the problem though.  Do I come up with random topics and force the words out?  Do I hold back and only write when I have something to say?  Or do I let myself have a break and hold off on writing until the fun of it comes back?  I honestly don’t know the best path just now.