It’s the end of an era at work.

Today at our monthly team meeting, our line manager announced she was taking early retirement.  She’ll start doing shorter weeks until she finally leaves for good.

It didn’t really come as a surprise.  Much like me and Australia, she’s been talking about leaving for a while. She’s had some personal issues in the previous year, and given how much work has been piling up lately, can’t say she doesn’t have a valid reason for getting out.  Knew it was coming, but hadn’t realised just how soon it would be – she’s leaving in July.  Rather selfishly I was really hoping she would be staying until I left; now we’ll be going most of the year without her guidance! 

Most of my team has been there years, but she and I are the only full time members of staff.  With her gone, we’ll lose a vital member (praying they actually let us replace her – because they’ve been really stingy with employing and redeploying these days), as well as her experience.  Even the next senior members of the team look to her for confirmation before they complete a task.

On the plus side, once she’s gone we’ll all have to be a lot more confident in our actions.  Everyone will have to take the weight of what she does and follow through.  Our floor manager is still too new to be reliable – still trying to find his feet.

Going to have a huge shakeup this year.  When I go, that’ll be the team down to 3 members, none of which are full time – 2 days of the week there’s only one member in.  If they don’t let the team replace us they might end up all leaving in protest.