Wow, that’s more than a little disappointing for me.  No update from Thursday – I had every intention of updating, but never did.  This weekend has basically been a complete slog of nothing-ness, and any plans have fallen apart.

And why is this?  Because my entire schedule has been thrown off by this damn leg.

Okay, it’s not just the leg.  There were other extenuating factors.  The training course on Wednesday completely threw off my game too.  I try to keep to a strict schedule, and thanks to physiotherapy, that course and my sheer reluctance to do anything that might stress the leg means said schedule basically got tossed out the door.

Now, I am well aware of my many faults.  And very close to the top of the list is my inability to focus.  Unless there’s a deadline looming or someone holding a gun to my head, I pretty much flap around like a fish out of water.  I use the few things I have no control over time-wise to make sure I do the things I need to do.  Work, kettle bells, and Taekwondo are the 3 checkpoints – and when they go wibbly wobbly so does my ability to focus.  No TKD on Monday for Physio, none because of my training course – which in turn had me feeling weird the day after.  Did make it to Kettle bells, but apparently the damage was done because I left work early Friday, then overslept today so never even tried to make it to kickboxing today.  I can’t feel too bad about it since it means my leg has been rested up.  But…also been eating like a horse, feel completely lethargic and not doing any of the hundred and one things I should be doing.

It’s not the first time either.  Whenever I’m unable to meet my usual check points the rest of the week usually collapses.  I’ve noticed it more and more ever since I quit the part time job and started having far more free time.  At first it was great – but now it seems the more free time I have the less I actually do.  I’m healthy and rested up…but my personal workload starts to gather in a corner.

I don’t understand why I can’t do the things I need to do.  It’s not like I don’t know my free time is limited, and that the more I put stuff off the harder it’ll be to do later.  Writing, cosplay, holiday budgeting, putting stuff up on eBay, ironing (well, ironing board is busted so at least that has a valid excuse) and video games.  Hell I could have even gone swimming or something to make up for not doing my usual exercise, but I didn’t.  Instead I spent my time surfing the net for random bits of oddities, interspersed with short walks outside.  I’m sure having lazy days is all well and good, but not when that’s all you’re doing.

Even meant to write some interesting blog posts on things that have been bugging me lately, but could never bring myself to put fingers to keyboard.  Nothing came – a failing on my part considering this blogs purpose.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll finally be able to get myself on track again.  Technically I have the day off, but in the evening I will have Taekwondo and no excuse not to make it.  Followed by work and what will hopefully be a slightly more on track week so I can put myself on a better course.