Been writing creatively tonight, so was giving the blog post a miss.  However, just before I went to bed I discovered a post on Tumblr.  Basically, at Cinemacon, DreamWorks have been revealing some of their upcoming work.  Including a preview of How to Train Your Dragon 2.


It’s not online yet, but the information has only been available about half an hour, which meant I got to have front row seats to a hibernating fandom basically exploding.

In the era of mass information sharing websites and communication, fans and their fandom’s have reached new levels of obsessiveness, one I quite happily admit to be part of on occasion.  The TV series gave the fandom a gentle wake up, but the movies are the bread and butter for this particular franchise, so there’s a lot more…overreacting maybe?  The clip isn’t up yet – only have a handful of news sites quoting its existence and describing what happens in the segment, but its turned my Tumblr dash into a non-stop frenzy of joyous celebration.  Everyone is freaking out, combing the net for the first valid sighting, and dusting off the cobwebs for all the sequel theories that were put on the shelf a good year ago. 

I think the closest real life equivalent is finding you’ve won the lottery, or your child has just gotten engaged.  It’s something you’ve been waiting for, and it makes those around you happy for you…sort of.  On the one hand, some people, who have a valid interest, are elated – others just want you to shut up about it. 

The last fandom I was heavily invested in was Transformers.  I was never a big fan of the cartoon, but I fell in love with the movies from the first time I walked into the cinema.  At the time I did a lot of nightshifts so catching midnight premieres on my days off made sense.  I adored the first movie, and due to the history of the Transformers franchise, I fell into a pretty huge fandom – although the movie was new, it generally got fused with all the previous shows too.  When talk of the sequel began cropping up, that was all I could talk about for the better part of the year.  I downloaded podcast, hunted down teaser trailers and clips, memorised actor interviews…anything and everything I could get.  And it wasn’t unusual behaviour, fans in general are like dogs with a treat dangled over their nose.  They get tunnel vision and all they desire is the treat – and they’ll get it no matter the cost.

No doubt my friends are already dreading the coming onslaught where the only medium I can talk about is dragons – Transformers is no longer something that interests me (frankly by the third movie I was ready to hurt Michael Bay for giving me such a great movie only to kill it with 2 car crashes) but at least they know how bad I get.  The only consolation is that HTTYD, even at its peak had a relatively small fan base so the explosion online will be containable.  Unlike certain big franchises that have been known to shut websites down at the whiff of a teaser trailer. 

Now I have the enviable decision to make.  Do I stay up late and hope someone uploads the teaser in the next hour and keep watching Tumblr perform the electronic equivalent of Bonfire Night?  Or go to bed, hope I actually fall asleep and view the wreckage in the morning?