Although it’s been rested up the better part of a week, my leg still isn’t up to scratch.  It’s not necessarily in pain, but I can feel something wrong.  So yesterday I finally took everyone’s advice and had an appointment with a physiotherapist.  It’s actually on my old street so was a little nostalgic to go up those roads again.

The conclusion wasn’t really any surprise.  I’ve clearly busted an adductor, though it’s hard to tell which one and left me with some kind of groin strain.  Apparently very rare for women to walk in with that – normally we have hip problems.  Then again given the ratio of women-to-men in class, probably not a lot of women doing side kicks in their spare time.  It probably started life as a pulled muscle sometime in late December, and just kept getting agitated because I was determined to master boards.  The competition at the weekend was just the final nail in the coffin, and have to actually relax and let it heal for the next 4-6 weeks.

…Which has almost guaranteed not competing at a TKD competition in May, but considering that I’m seriously considering not competing any more, isn’t that much of a tragedy.

Think this is the first time I’ve actually listened to advice when it comes to pains and strains.  I have this very unadvisable habit of just trying to power through – yet to sink in that injuries don’t have ‘second winds’, no matter what comic books have taught me.  My last ‘big’ injury was (what I assume to have been, never actually got it diagnosed) torn ligaments in my wrist.  I fell up some stairs and within a few days it was in agony.  Had I rested it up, it might have been fine.  As it was I kept punching and blocking twice a week, and ended up with a glass-cannon wrist that spent the better part of 2 years in a restraint to keep me from doing any serious damage.

So I’ve got a sheet of exercises to do, a warning not to do any side kicks in class, and a follow up appointment in 2 ½ weeks.  Should be next week, but these sessions aren’t cheap.  As it is I’ll have to pray that eBay actually gets a bite and clear some stuff just to budget the ones I can afford.

With this in mind, I have felt it necessary to look at secondary employment again.  I clearly can’t live within my means – things I’m not ready to budget for keep popping up – so I need to look at increasing my finances.  My old part time job is probably still available if I asked…but the sheer stress and hell of that job is enough to make me think twice.  However, a store I pass every day is advertising for help – and they’re specifically looking for evening hours, which is perfect for me.

Probably getting ahead of myself, but being able to get an additional £100-200 a month would make things so much easier – especially if I was getting it without having to lug heavy pallets and run around doing the work of 3 men.  Fingers crossed I can at least get an interview.