And there goes any hope of training for the rest of the week.

I hate pulled and torn muscles.  You can’t find them, you can’t always tell how you get them, there’s no prescription to speed along the healing, and it takes forever for them to recover.  My left legs always been a problem area – especially the adductors – but also have pretty weak ankles.  Have to put them through half a dozen stretches before I set foot on mats as a precaution.  There’s something wired wrong in my right foot – often it feels like a rubber band has been wrapped around my foot.  Loses all feeling and becomes uncomfortably tight.  Goes away easily enough so long as I put pressure on my foot (stamping the ground usually works), but very annoying when practicing kicks.

Course my ‘big’ muscle injury is my right wrist.  In 2009 at a convention I managed to fall up a set of stairs and landed badly.  A few days later my hand was in such agony I ended up using a shirt as a makeshift sling just to keep me from moving it.  This ended up being torn ligaments, and stayed with me 2 years.  On and off depending on what I was doing – nearly every time I sparred the injury flared up again, and people at Taekwondo and work got used to me showing up in a wrist restraint to keep in contained.

Ironically, this injury vanished in the weirdest of ways last year.  It had been flaring up, but wasn’t too bad so had no restraint on in class.  We ended up doing self defence, mostly involving wrist locks.  I spent the entire evening getting tossed around, wrist being twisted into weird positions, and bracing myself for another week of bad-hand.

Woke up the next morning, and wrist was fine.  And has never bothered me again.  Still trying to figure out the logistics to that one.

Now I get to add to that ‘big’ injury list by underlining left adductors in bold.  Remember how I mentioned going into special technique with cold muscles?  More specifically, cold muscles and kicking with a very tender pulled muscle in the thigh?  Apparently I’ve done more damage than I thought.

Missed Taekwondo on Monday because I was too exhausted – usual among our class, it’s been dead at the school this week.  However, did make it in today (with all 7 other students – where everyone is I have no idea), and worked on kicks all evening after a thorough stretching session.

Came apparent very early on that something was terribly wrong with my leg.  The adductor for best guess, hasn’t been in good shape since Christmas.  Hoped that resting up over the holidays would fix it up, but it’s been damaged ever since.  I’ve pulled the muscles in my left leg quite a few times, so didn’t worry too much about it.  Unfortunately…it’s been getting worse, not better in the past few weeks.  At the start of the year my stretching in both legs was pretty equal.  Over the past few weeks my left leg has radically diminished as I tried to avoid agitating the muscle.  Today my teacher even called me on it – during one of the more enjoyable exercises, noting that the expression on my face suggested my leg should be on the floor…when it was barely bent at all.

Then of course it was all kicks, and I made the mistake of continuing to use my left leg – I wish I knew where I get this ridiculous notion that you can power through an injury.  Not being able to properly use the adductors in one leg means doing sidekicks (at least at the correct height) is borderline impossible.  Turning kicks are just about doable, and snap kicks not so bad, but otherwise the leg buckles – so I got into some trouble when it came to keeping my knee up.  At least it doesn’t affect the other side…but does mean my right leg, easily the stronger, can’t actually function properly because my left leg can’t handle the position.

By the end of the class I was starting to realise I probably should have bowed out midway through.  I was walking, but by the final exercise my leg had just had enough.  Could not get my right leg up at all, the left just collapsed any time I tried to raise the right.  Instead did doubles with the left leg.

Oh, and as an added bonus, our teacher was getting annoyed at certain people in class who were relaxing out of their stance when his back was turned (haven’t cottoned on that having mirrored walls means he can see behind him) and warned us if he caught anyone out of stance again, we’d be doing a bunny hopping session at the end of class.  One member of class however called his bluff, and was constantly relaxing his stance every other minute, despite everyone eyeballing him to get back in.  I know it’s hard, but you don’t need as many breaks as he was taking!  So bunny hops to finish off – which I managed about 3 of before losing my balance and falling flat on my back.

Wasn’t limping home, but I was feeling the muscles pretty acutely.  No ice in the flat (note to self: invest in some more ice packs for future emergencies), so just letting it rest and praying its feeling better tomorrow.