Oh the joys of post-Easter shopping.  Every shop has eggs by the crate load going for pennies.  Any attempts at holding back over the weekend have been bamboozled by cheap confectionary.  Hopefully they’ll clear out soon and I’ll stop having to pretend I’m strong enough to avoid 50 pence dairy milk eggs.

Despite being off for 5 days, oddly enough I wasn’t glad to be getting back to work.  Normally after being off for more than a few days when I have nothing to do I’m climbing the walls itching to get back.  But I more or less had to drag myself there today.  Thankfully it wasn’t too challenging a day – and as an extra special treat, the mail call brought with it the last of my return letters for my current exercise that needs to be done for Friday.  Was genuinely thinking I’d have to take it into yet another quarter (already running late) so least I’ll be able to tick that off…and then due to the nature of said exercise start up this year’s version.

Said exercise is a monster.  I basically send out under 30 thousand letters and then process the returns.  The sheer volume and the procedures mean it takes a year to process completely, and then you start it up again.  Last year we ended up being a few months behind too, because our folding machine had a mechanical breakdown and I had to seal every letter by hand.

Not normally a problem.  We need to stick a self addressed envelope into the letter too, and our machine can’t do that so sealing by hand is normal.  Takes 1-2 weeks to do them all.  But last year the machine was completely fried because the woman in charge of stationary ordered the wrong envelopes.  This meant I had to fold the letters, fold the self addressed envelopes so they’d fit, and then seal it.  Doesn’t sound like much, but it nearly tripled my work load.  A job that normally takes less than 2 weeks ended up taking me over a month.  And I mean an actual month.  I came in, started this job, left, came in the next day, repeat.  There is a circle of Hell where people have to do what I did early last year – I honestly can’t believe I got through it without snapping.

Since it took so long, we finished late this year.  But the woman in charge of stationary gave us good news a few weeks ago.  She’s bought better envelopes.  Envelopes that are large enough to take both the letter and the SA envelope…so the folding machine will take everything and seal it, meaning I won’t have a week or two of nothing but sealing envelopes!

…Though I’ll believe it when I see it.  I’ve heard these promises before – nearly every year in fact.  When the folding machine can get through more than 20 letters without eating one, then I’ll celebrate.