A new day, a new game.  Or so I planned.

With Resonance of Fate completed, I decided to go on a completely different tangent and play a game outside my comfort zone.  One people have constantly told me is well worth play.  Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.  I was reluctant because it’s not an RPG, and it has a combat system that involves a variety of guns, aiming and generally being very coordinated, but had a borrowed copy on my shelf forever, so had to give it a try.

Within half an hour I’m turning it off.  After being killed 10 times in the first five minutes, then being killed in the next shooting sequence, this clearly isn’t the game for me.  Which is too bad, because the non-shooting parts were actually really good.  What little of the story I’d seen was interesting, and I liked the characters.  So in true form, I turned to the Internet to give me my answers, and I spent the afternoon on YouTube watching a collection of cut scenes put together in ‘movie form’.

I was frankly astounded.  How has a game company managed to make a better action movie in a video game than Hollywood has in the last ten years?  The plot was clever and coherent, the characters were interesting, and I loved every second of it.  I almost hated myself for not having the ability to play the game – though it was clear by the time it got to the second act that I would have been woefully unprepared.  Constant aiming and shooting were required in order to survive.

So no new video games today, but can return that game to my friend and tell them I loved everything but the shooting sequences.  Which is kind of like saying I liked everything about the game but the game play…very much an RPG gamers’ motto sometimes.

With this out of the way, wondering what to play next.  I have a few options, but I’m tempted to put away the PS3 and dig out the Wii as I’ve got a game for that which looks interesting to play next.  It’s still up in the air though – and probably won’t play tomorrow.  3 days of game related marathoning is enough for me I think.