This was the kind of day I’m gonna miss now the holidays are reset for next year.  Using up excess leave in bulk meant I’ve spent a good chunk of the last 2 months just mooching around the flat.  I do intend to do something with the time, it just seems to get away from me and I do squat.  That said, there is something about having days of no responsibilities that make life just that little bit better.

Not that I didn’t do anything all day.  I did make my way to Kettle Bells as usual, and since I got paid today immediately had to start forking over money.  After my financial post it almost made me weep how much I had to shell out.  There’s a competition next week so need to pay the £20 entrance fee for that (note to self, still need to find a ride or get train tickets), my license expires at the end of April so needed to fork out £30 to renew that for the year, and of course, my shake mixes have dropped very low so I had to fork over another £55 for 2 more tubs of shake.  To be fair, I probably won’t have to buy any more for another 2 months, but the fact that I ran out NOW seemed somewhat annoying.  Got paid and immediately used money I don’t really have on fitness stuff and then have to put that into my food budget for the immediate future.

And the money problems didn’t stop.  Decided I was getting tired of making minimal payments on my credit card, so decided to just extract the money from my ISA and be done with it.  As it happens, smart idea, because I discovered my final payment to be made next week would take me over the allotted amount I’m allowed to put in it per year.  Got that amended before I got into any trouble, paid off the credit card, and set the wheels in motion to cancel it (other banks gives me a better deal credit wise).

So I at least get to say I did something useful, if not particularly productive.  Planned to play more of Resonance of Fate – a video game that I left in Limbo at the beginning of the year and haven’t picked up since, but time got away with me and I never got round to it.  Since I don’t have any plans, I might just dedicate the weekend to finishing and ticking it off this year’s Bucket List.   If you’re not religious and actively trying to avoid chocolate, Easter is a very good holiday to choose to spend indoors.

Plus if I want a break from gaming, I have the perfect movie to watch.  Though I can ill afford it, after forking out over £100 at Taekwondo, decided I had to treat myself and support DreamWorks by buying Rise of the Guardians.  Easter entertainment sorted.