Starting to spot a routine in my writing habits.  I’m now on my third month of keeping this blog, and I think I can definitely say the bloom is off the rose.  I’m often looking at the prospects of writing with a certain sort of loathing.  Its one thing to say I’ll just write whatever comes to mind – but I can’t help but notice that quickly becomes the same thing over and over again.  There’s only so many Taekwondo tales and weather stories I can write before they become dead in the water.

The original plan when writing this was to do 1000 words a night.  Once upon a time I could toss out that without thinking, but most days I’m lucky to get past 350.  I know its quality over quantity, but it still feels like I’m coming at this with less than my best.  Anything I write should get my full devotion, regardless of the subject matter.

To be fair, it’s not just writing the blog.  After the success of writing a pretty decent fan fiction chapter at the start of my long time off, I was hoping I could continue this winning streak and write something original this weekend.  That was the one thing I wanted to do – write something, anything – even if it was just a story skeleton for me to work with.

Instead, I got to Sunday night, looked at my literary contributions, and found nothing. 

That’s right.  Two days of trying to do what I always say I love to do, and nothing.  I changed the story I was working on, the method I used to put together plot, even the background music for inspiration.  In a last ditch effort I did manage to write 2 scenes for one story I’m very fond of right now, which means I did write about 1000 words over the weekend.  Not exactly NaNoWriMo speeds, but it’s still 1000 words more than I had a few hours ago. 

Regardless, the one thing I promised myself for New Years was that I was going to write more, and I am not going to give up 3 months in.  I can keep this blog up, one way or another.  Maybe I need to devote more time in the evenings to it, or start looking into the past for things to talk about when days go into a rut – though I loathe doing that when I don’t have something in the present to connect it to.  Perhaps actually writing down a list of things I can write about randomly would be better – I have plenty of movies I can review, or lists – they just take so long to write that I shy away from them unless I have a spare 3 hours to devote to them.

But if I want to keep this up, that may very well be what I have to do.  3 hours a night writing, if nothing else, would get me into the habit of writing a lot with regularly again.