Okay yes, there was no post yesterday.  However, I was writing.  Tonight I posted the fruits of two days labour.  A chapter on one of my current fan fictions.  Admittedly that’s not much of an excuse, but since I started this blog to encourage me to write, it’s technically justifiable.

With the holiday leave being reset at the end of the month, I began using up the last of my holiday and got today off.  Of course I intended to use it to write original fiction…which never happened.  But it was less to do with the fan fiction, and more to do with the bane of my musical existence.  ITunes.

Has there ever been a more frustrating program invented that we still insist upon using?  It continually freezes, constantly requires updating, and at least in my case, insists upon creating a backup copy of my music in the hard drive that hasn’t nearly enough space for my music/video collection.  Then immediately selecting said backup copy as the original copy and erasing all the songs that aren’t in the backup.

Today I opened iTunes and found that’s exactly what had happened.  The only things in my folder were purchased albums. Everything else had gone.  And given that I am still trying to wrap my head around this new improved iTunes (which by the way, I loathe with every fibre of my being and would die a happy girl if they’d just go back to the original version again), I eventually went to my usual method of fixing an iTunes problem.  Uninstalling and reinstalling it.  Then spending the next 3 hours painstakingly going through the library and removing all the songs I don’t want, removing the duplicates (of which I inexplicably have many), and recreating playlists.  On the plus side, this did mean I didn’t have portable music, and therefore didn’t want to go outside until it was complete, so managed to get through 2 sweet cravings just by tending to my precious iPod.

Really, how I ever lived before my iPod is a thing of mystery.  In my very early teens my aunt gave me a tape cassette player for Christmas.  This was very much at the time cassette tapes were in their death throws, but I loved it.  Dug through my Dad’s very limited tape collection and listened to Cher almost non-stop for 3 days.  I was using the thing so incessantly that the year after, I found a CD player under the Christmas tree.  Which became my loyal companion for nearly 4 years.  I used to carry a CD player and a case with about 20 CD’s with game and anime music burned randomly onto each.  My collection of actual chart CD’s wasn’t too shabby either – still have quite a few of them in a giant CD folder tucked under my bed.

The iPod generation took some convincing on my part, mostly due to the price of the thing.  It ended up being a culmination of my Dad giving me money for my birthday specifically to replace my poor CD player (which after 4 years of pretty brutal overuse was pretty much giving up the ghost), and the lure of being able to great 8 hour long playlists that wouldn’t skip when I ran (my CD players biggest fault).  When I took it home and loaded it up, the entire weekend was devoted to importing my entire library.  The little device became known as ‘Momichi’ and after 5 years, it’s still not full, and in far better nick than my poor CD player was after 4.  Okay, it’s got more than a few chips in the base, and sometimes crashes leaving me music-less until the batteries are depleted and recharged, and gone through more earphones that I really care to think about, but overall it’s been the most loyal and useful piece of kit I’ve ever owned.

ITunes on the other hand…I would quite happily cast on the fire if I could find another music program that had the same potential.  That ridiculous creation of Apple destroyed my libraries, filled my computer with duplicates, leaves me having to format videos and music because the original can’t be played for some inexplicable reason, and of course, every six months or so freaks out and means I have to devote a day to fixing the damage.  At least with CDs if one got damaged I just had to burn another one.

I can’t decide if I’m just not using iTunes properly, or if it’s like my phone.  An ingenious idea held back by the technology of today.  Given the sheer lack or competitive alternatives, I can’t help but feel that might be it.