Intentional: Going to work without my wallet, two Herbalife shakes, blueberries and one protein bar.

Not Intentional: Feeling my stomach knaw a hole in itself because I was ridiculously hungry all day.

It was torturous.  All I wanted to do was eat.  Specifically, hot food, like a baked potato or soup.  But I was being strict on the whole ‘sticking to the Herbalife’ thing again.  Especially since I knew I wouldn’t get to Taekwondo tonight.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem.  My stomach has always been overdramatic, but the aforementioned food is more than enough to get me through the day.  Normally.

The problem was that today the office was an ice cold chill box from which there was no escape.  The weather outside was miserable (a pick n mix of snow, sleet, rain and heavy winds) meaning you couldn’t even go out to get some fresh air (didn’t stop us from trying, but did force us back inside pretty quickly).  But with people going up and down the stairwell to the car park (finally open again, yay for us), the lift, and the simple fact that our floor’s heating does NOT work properly, everyone had on their jacket’s and were desperately trying to keep the heat inside their bodies.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I’m hot, my appetite goes down to just about nothing.  I just want to drink – food is an afterthought.  But on the flip side, when it’s cold, I can eat my way through the supermarket given half the chance.  So sitting at my desk trying to keep to a schedule, filling in the blanks with jugs of tea…it was a very long morning.  The afternoon wasn’t much better, but at least it was my turn to go home early and finally give my body that hot calorific food it had been craving all day.

A little at a loss as to what to do for tomorrow though.  I’ll have my kettle bells class, which usually helps (inexplicably) me keep any stomach pangs down to a reasonable level, but if I’m this kind of hungry when I have to stay all day, there’s no way my food supply will cut it.  I’ll start raving our ‘chocolate’ cupboard in no time.  But what kind of snack can I take with me that is cheap, hot, filling and not bad for me?  That’s not a crowded field.

Thinking I just need to pack more of my Herbalife soup and hope that it’ll be a better substitute than tea.  Hopefully this works because I really don’t work well when I’m hungry.