Looks like it’ll be a foodie weekend blog, because Saturday night, my blog post was interrupted by a roommate’s birthday, and her planned ‘pizza party’.

ImagePizza might not be on my diet approved list, but it’s her party, and I’ll gladly take one for the team if it involves tomato, cheese and pepperoni.  Of course, she didn’t just want any old pizza; she wanted to make it from scratch.  Which lit a fire under my Italian roommate, who has many an evening bemoaned the Americanisation of the traditional dish, and so was on hand to make the dough and the sauce.

ImageSay what you want about the guy, but he knows how to cook.  He was cooking the sauce in the afternoon and slamming the dough around in the evening like a pro.  Even with our meagre oven, he was able to plan (with some help from the other 2 roommates) how long to keep the base in before applying cheese – and not ONCE did we get an overcooked or undercooked pizza.

The only real hiccup we had was what toppings we could have.  Italy is vegetarian, I’m a devoted meat-pizza eater, and everyone else had their own takes on things.  So we did half and half each and every time.  First up?


Peppers only, and peppers, onions and olives

Though I had to grab the tin of pineapples and insist on getting at least one portion of Hawaiian pizza – it was worth it just for the eyebrow twitching from the two boys.


Olives, anchovies, onions Peppers, Plain margarita and a corner of Pepperoni for me

 However, by the time that rolled around, I was sick of the sight of pizza.  Although we had an expert in pizza making on our side, we weren’t too sure how much ingredients we needed – so went a little overboard.  As it was, over the course of 5 hours, we made 7 pizzas…and had only gone through half the dough.  Think the only reason we stopped cooking was because by pizza 6, we all cried mercy and begged him to stop making the main course and let us have a bit of cheesecake before our stomachs exploded.


Cheese pizza – mozzarella, goats cheese and gorgonzola

The cheesecake was also made from scratch – a pretty last minute decision made by the birthday girl but actually didn’t turn out that bad.  I’m not a big fan of cheesecake, but it was tolerable.  That said, it was infinitely better in the morning after it had been lying in the fridge for a few hours (bad breakfast but couldn’t bring myself to feel too guilty).

Gotta say, think my roommate has ruined pizza for me.  His was so good, and actually not that bad for you – the biggest issue was volume, not calories.  Have to be careful how much we praise it though, the guy can go on for hours about how people have ruined Italian food by adding so much stuff to it when the original recipes are supposed to be simple.  Admittedly as much as his margarita pizza was nice, I still preferred to have Parma ham or pepperoni on mine (though those he say, he’ll let us get away with, so long as the dreaded pineapple stays away).

Probably gonna have to make pizza next week to get rid of the extra dough – and they were all talking about a ‘make your own pasta’ night in the future, so I should expect some more awesome Italian soon.