I wouldn’t say I love kettle bells class, but I am pretty fond of it.  The fact that I can just take a longer lunch break and do something productive with my day twice a week definitely makes me feel better about myself.  The fact that it’s helped me lose (and keep off) the better part of a stone and improve my muscle tone are definite bonuses too.

Had a very successful day today when it came to my kettle bells class.  Since the New Year I’ve been working on using a 16kg kettle bell for the entire class.  When I started I was using an 8, and the 12 is no longer a challenge, so I’ve been slowly integrating the 16 into the workout.  Mostly during the double handed swings and dropping down whenever it’s over my head or in one hand.  However this week, I tried to go as long as I could without swapping.  Tuesday’s class was a little pathetic, only managed to keep it up for the first ten minutes.  Arm buckled on the second the ‘press’ exercise (one hand, arm straight up) and I was on the 12 until the very end of the class.

Today though?  I got through the first 20 minutes without having to swap out!  Did presses, windmills (a press with legs in walking stance, and then bend down, empty hand going down the leg – very hard with a heavy weight) and around the body exercises that I have done with a 16kg before, but not with any grace or speed.  Today was actually very consistent, and if I can keep it up, I might move up to a 16kg permanently before the end of the month.

And the icing on the cake?  My weight’s just a few pounds away from where it was before my anime convention (aka, the weekend and following week where the diet went out the window and I gorged) so that’s back on track too.

Course I say that, and its Red Nose Day tomorrow.  Which means bake sale – a really good bake sale too, as this year they’re all having a bake off and competing.  Does mean certain people who normally bring things aren’t, but also means that it’s all the really good home bakers coming out the woodwork.  Will probably take something so I can at least buy one cake to support it, but definitely can’t take my wallet or all I’ll eat is baking!

Sadly, the day didn’t end on a high note.  Finally went to the cinema for the first time in many weeks to go see Hansel and Gretel.  It sadly fell into the category of ‘good idea, poorly executed.’  Would have done a review for it today, but got home so late I’ll save it for when I have a dry spell again.