Just great.  The first long weekend I’ve had since the beginning of January where there was nothing I absolutely had to do.  No plush toys, no cosplay commitments, no listing things on EBay, no cleaning frenzies.  Just me and 3 days of things I could do but had no obligation to if I so chose.

So what happens?  Last night I feel the first stirrings of the cold.  And this morning wake up to a clogged nose, headache and a writhing stomach.  Any and all fun relaxation is completely knocked out of the possibility.  On top of which I have an exercise bike to help pick up, and an 80’s themed birthday party for a co-worker I have to be at tonight.  With that in mind, I wander around the few charity stores in my area looking for anything neon that’ll work for the party (was gonna go in fancy dress, but between my lack of time and my sheer nausea, I settle for a pair of bright pink trousers – accompanied by a My Little Pony t-shirt I already own).  Once that was out of the way, I trudged back home and collapsed back in bed for a couple of hours.  By the time I woke up, I got a message from my friend who was supposed to help me pick up the bike saying he can’t meet up, so I take the opportunity to sleep again.

So I’m tired, ill, and not getting any better by the looks of things.  On top of which I have to go to this party that I’m really not wanting to anymore.  I’m sure it’ll be a blast, but I just want to sleep.

As it turned out, I managed to make it to the party, and even danced quite a bit.  I relied heavily on cold medicine and the large number of 80’s sweets littered around the room.  Was one of the few that was constantly up, and the general heat from the room seemed to keep me from feeling too bad.  Did have a habit of shutting my eyes and lying down for a few minutes here and there – an even that co-workers took great delight in photographing.  When the collection of images gets tossed around I’m sure everyone will assume I slept the entire party.

The one hiccup was my roommate – who had locked himself out of the flat and had to borrow my keys, despite not knowing where I was.  Did manage to find the place though, and made sure one roommate was up to let me back in.  So now I am going to sleep, and probably not get up again until Sunday.