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And now, a very fluffy post that has no real value, just photos and me rambling about my inanimate companions.

In January, my colleague came back from Florida with a Madagascar Penguin.  Yesterday she gave me another penguin – this time a little Macaroni from Sea World.  Her daughter found it, didn’t want it and thought I might like it.  I’m never one to say no to plush, so ‘Mac’ joined my hoarde.


And since Flopsy Bouncer got mentioned this week and I’m having a dry day, I figured – let’s look at the fluffy toys that have survived my culls.

I’ve always found it funny how stuffed animals are the one exception to the ‘childish’ rule.  Once you hit the teens, it seems your entire social standing is dependent on how old you are.  During the teens you cannot admit to liking a cartoon, or a ‘family’ movie, and everyone of your age group had to believe that you, like everyone else, had burned all of your toys in a great big bonfire on your birthday to celebrate your coming of age.

Then you leave higher education, go into university or the work force, and realise that just like you, everyone had been lying through their teeth, hiding their toys under their bed, and it’s now acceptable again to like childish things.  The amount of people I met who had the entire Disney collection or more comics that square footage were numerous, and encouraged me to go wild with the toys.  I used to have dozens upon dozens, but multiple moves and space issues meant they had to be cut back.  As such, the ones I have kept have some pretty important value to me.

As a single girl who perpetually ends up with a double bed, most of my toys end up lining the wall where a significant other might otherwise lie.  However at the moment, my bed isn’t against a wall, so for lack of space, the majority hang around my bed posts:


Most of these are from my favourite medias.  I have Chikorita (my favourite starter Pokémon), Perry from Phineas and Ferb, Remy from Ratatouille (favourite Pixar movie), Toothless from how to Train your Dragon (my favourite Dreamworks movie), and Kirara from Inuyasha (actually NOT my favourite anime, but one of the first anime-related plush’s I ever bought, so never quite been able to give it up).  Skipper is my newest addition to the media storm, as well as the new ‘Mac’, and my two doggie companions Angus (from my Christmas holiday last year) and – take a deep breath – Sir Tulip of Wafflington, who I got in Amsterdam during a couch tour of Europe I went on two years ago.  He was originally called Tulip, but my travel companions and I got a little bit silly, and so did his name.

Then there’s the few that actually get to grace the bed (mostly because they wouldn’t angle properly in my headrest).  We have of course Flopsy Bouncer, and joining him is Stitch (guess what my favourite Disney movie is?) – Who actually has a twin on my shelf that is also a photo frame (carrying only one of two photos of my family I actually like).  As well as a squid plush (…I honestly have no idea why I still have this other than the fact that I like it – bought from a stall at a con on a whim cause it was cheap) and a Momotaros plush.  Momo came from my trip to Japan, and is very rare – from the TV show Kamen Rider Den-o, and good luck finding him even on EBay.  Was sorely tempted to sell him for an exorbitant amount, but want to enjoy him just a little bit before I do.

ImageThere’s also my shelf dolls.  One is a Nara deer, also from Japan as a longer lasting souvenir, and then there’s my two Eevee’s.  Lil’Vee was a gift from my Stepmother at Christmas, just as I was getting into Pokémon, and has the honour of being my travel mascot.  I very rarely go anywhere without packing him in my case for luck.  Last year he was joined by my Jolteon plush, in the hopes that I might one day collect the whole set of Eevee evolutions and have a shelf of genetic experimental cuteness.


Finally, there’s the big boy.  Battius Rex.

Remember the battleaxe necklace I mentioned a few posts back that I lost?  He was a birthday present from the same friends – and so he’s gained even more sentimental value in the last year.  I was very much in my Goth stage around that time, and my friends pitched in to buy him when he went on sale as the shop he was in was closing down, and I’d been cooing over him almost as long as they’d known me.  He’s a very large bat soft toy, whose wing span pretty much demands that he be perched atop whatever wardrobe or shelving unit I can get.  My very last year of University, we ended up hanging him from the roof of our living room for a Halloween party, and he ended up hanging there until we left the next year (along with all the Christmas decorations we just never bothered to take down…it was a very interesting living room by the time we graduated).

I admit that if I do end up moving and leaving the country, I’ll probably have to say goodbye to a lot of these guys.  The only two I’d actually have real trouble giving up are the two that will no doubt end up in my Dad’s attic for safety.  My Bunny and my Bat respectively – they’ll always be my keepers, but until then, I get to enjoy falling asleep and waking up to my little crowd of plush.

I love how I can tell you exactly when and where I got each of my toys.  All of them have a story – most of them came from trips, or were gifts.  Those that weren’t found their way into my life through obsessive fandomising…and were lucky enough to be the one thing I didn’t sell on once the obsession had faded and I needed space again.  Nothing else in my possession can boast that.  Books, manga, DVD’s, jewellery, clothes, games, even figures or other toys – I’ll pick them up and genuinely wonder where on earth this came from.  But the soft and fluffy variety seem to stick in my head.  They all have their own story and reason for being by my bed.


…with the exception of the squid.  WHY do I still have that?