I’m notoriously bad for not letting myself get enough sleep.  I stay up late then get up stupid early just so I can make up some extra hours at work.  As such it means I can go several days on less than 6 hours sleep, which my body does not approve of.  Once upon a time it may have handled it, but these days my body likes getting a proper 7-8 uninterrupted down time every night.  This week was even worse – years of cosplays have taught me that I do my best work late at night or early in the morning, so this weekend I was up at 5.30 finishing off the plushies, so didn’t even get my sleep on my rest days.

The end result?  A very tired and out of it Batale trundling into work.  Nursing a headache and a general desire to be anywhere but there – made worse by the workmen outside who are fixing our outer walls with tools that make the same sounds as dental drills.  Piercing the skull and making everyone inside flinch involuntarily.  These two things meant that the headache just got worse and worse…and come lunch time I got to add a new problem to my list.  I tried out a new diet soup, and whether I just didn’t like it or my general health wasn’t in the right place…I was ready to throw it up.  Ended up leaving early just so I could get home and sleep for an hour before Taekwondo.  An hour that came and went…and left me realising I was in no shape to do anything tonight.  What I needed was rest, lots of it…but wasn’t quite ready to go to bed at 7 – I’d be up at 4 in the morning whether I wanted to or not.  But lying on the couch wasn’t doing me any favours either – my roommate had been smoking and the smell was making my headache worse.  I could have taken some Neurofem, but since I knew the cause was sleep deprivation (and after a very narrow escape during my uni years where I became overly reliant on them), I didn’t want to down pills unless I absolutely had to.  Instead, I had a bath.

Lord…is there anything in the world better than a bath when you’re feeling under the weather?  My old flat had one, and it was just the thing when I wanted to escape for an hour.  My previous place hadn’t had one, and the huge tub in this place was one of its selling points, but never actually tried it until now.  So warned my roommates, ran the water, grabbed a couple of books, and locked myself away for an hour.

I’d actually forgotten how good hot water in a lump sum feels.  I’ll always be a shower girl, but lying in a bath with a good book is timeless.  All that was missing was some bubble bath – will have to invest in some for the future.  By the time the water had cooled and I reluctantly pulled myself out, the headache was down to a dull ache again and I was blissfully drowsy and relaxed.

Do feel a little bit bad that I skipped out on Taekwondo, but if I learned anything last year, it’s that pushing yourself when your body is sending warning signs will only cause you problems in the long run.  I’ll just have to work extra hard at Kettle bells and open training to make up for it this week.