Well, gave my friend his two plush dolls for his girlfriend.  She apparently adored them (and he gave me an extra £20 on top of the fabric costs as a thank you for my troubles too, which I hadn’t expected or asked for, so yay!) and he’s hinted he might want to get a few more – it’ll be a good incentive for her to keep writing fanfiction.

Ironically, last night, an old friend asked me how my own writing was going.  I was forced to admit that I haven’t written anything original in 2 years.  Everything after that point was fanfiction, which admittedly is not Pulitzer Prize fiction, but at least it’s something.  Plus, it’s where I started – and probably saved me too.  It gave me an outlet and a community to express myself.

When I first began writing online, I became friendly with a handful of people with similar interests.  And once upon a time, a certain website was far less strict about the content used in ones fanfiction.  Things like conversations and competitions held by the author.  As such there was a pretty thriving community for certain stories, and I had some great times with them.  Sadly, when the restrictions came in and things were enforced, a lot of the social networking dried up too.  The friend’s network began to break apart too.  MSN did its best, but we all ended up drifting apart. The plus side was that when the fanfiction community dried up, it pushed me towards original fiction – much like my old friend.  She had a lot more success than me – self published and has become a pretty strong woman when it comes to her causes.  I did at least manage to complete one story – took 4 years and was heavily inspired by a game that I’d been writing fanfiction for.  But afterwards, I got stuck in a rut and ended up returning to fanfiction as it was easier, and pretty fun.  Live journal had somewhat replaced the community of fanfiction.net, so I felt right at home.  Unfortunately, it’s a completely different medium to original fiction – you wouldn’t think it, but it is.  So my original stuff faltered.

My last attempt at original stuff happened because I was cut off from the world.  I just moved into my newest flat, and there was no Internet.  Which meant my evenings were suddenly lacking their major source of entertainment…and that kicked me back into original work.  I started something called ‘This Ugly World’, which later became ‘Moonsong’.  However, not long after starting it, our neighbours began sharing their Internet with us, and my inspiration petered out.  Tried to start it up again a few times, but realised I had a beginning and an end…but no middle.  This has been a general pattern with my work sadly.

This year, I want to try and get back into original fiction properly.  I want to take one of my ideas, fully plan it out, and actually put in on paper.  I have an idea that might have enough substance for me to piece it into an actual story – I just need to buckle down and do it…easier said than done.