You might have noticed there was no update last night.  I only realised this once I’d been tucked into bed for about an hour, before jolting up and going ‘DAMMIT!’

However, after weighing the pros and cons, I just collapsed back down and decided to live with it.  For I was A) in no mood to get out of bed, B) had no actual topic plans, and C) had gone to bed stupidly early because my brain was shutting down.

A and B need no explanation, but C had become something of an issue due to the fact that I had devoted this entire weekend to getting those dang plushies finished.  On Saturday I did nothing but work on them – the one time I did leave the flat?  I went out to buy fabric for them.  I didn’t even blow dry my hair, just let it dry out and randomly threw a brush through it when it got in my way.  I spent the better part of 9 hours devoted to working on them.  So by 8.30, I’d drunk my bodyweight in tea, was relying completely on dinner to give me a boost…and realised I’d managed to wreck one of the plushie’s hair.  The fabric for which would be impossible to replace in time.

I immediately stopped, and realised that as much as I wanted to keep going, my biological clock had snapped.  I was tired, I was stressed – I’d smelt the not-so-sweet scent of appliqué several times, and I was hitting a few roadblocks because I still needed extra materials.  So I admitted defeat, and let myself crawl into bed at 9.30 (on a Saturday no less, will wonders never cease…)

There was a method to my madness though.  Years of last night cosplay panic have left me with pretty good knowledge of when I’ll do my best work.  And that’s in the evenings, and the early mornings.  There’s something about seeing nothing but darkness out my windows that ignites the workaholic in me.  So with my alarm set, I (admittedly begrudgingly) trundled out of bed at 5.30 to continue my quest.  A task that succeeded expectations – I only stopped when it was time for my open pad training, and went to the class…but skipped the open training because the only thing on my mind was those dang dolls.

And as of this evening, they are almost done.  All I have left to do is one face…technically.  Filia is finished, but certain parts keep coming loose so I may need to go at her with a hot glue gun (praying I still have enough glue left) to fix her up.  Also, her eyes are just a little bit scary – I can’t quite decide if I should remove them and start again.  Problem is if I do…what on earth do I swap them for?


Either way, I’m gonna be glad to see the back of them.  It was an interesting challenge for me – I’ve always wanted to try my hand at plushies – but it’s generally just been exhausting and tiring. I don’t know how people do commissions day in and day out – though definitely understand now why they charge so much.  Doing this kind of thing takes time and energy – I have barely had time for any of my own hobbies while spending my free time getting these done, and its had a bad impact on my diet (I react to haberdashery problems with a high-calorie-intake-solution).  Although I might make some of my own one day, it’ll definitely not be for a while.

So glad I’m not making any new costumes for the con in a few weeks, because it means I can put the sewing machine away, and actually spend my days off doing hours and hours of productive nothing.