Although I do love my new flat, it does have one major issue.  The roofs are so high that keeping the place warm is borderline impossible.  The heating bills along are rather frightening (not helped by the energy company taking money that we didn’t owe them), and that’s when the weather is normal.

Last night, the cold front we’d been warned about decided to show up.  And I found myself jumping into an ice cold bed in a desperate attempt to warm up from the chiller that was the flat.  After my previous flat had this issue, I’d invested in the strongest tog of blanket I could get my hands on, and was wearing two pairs of socks – and very warm PJ’s.  As it happened, it didn’t make much of a difference.  My feet refused to warm up, and I had to curl into a ball in an attempt to get warm.  I didn’t dare step out from under the blankets to come up with more warmth-creating ideas as every time it slipped; it was like ice cubes on my skin.

As such, barely got a wink of sleep last night.  My roommate certainly didn’t help the situation either, as he ended up coming in at 3 and making enough noise that HAD I been asleep, would have woken me up anyway.  Come morning, dragged myself out of bed and trudged to work.  What awaited me when I opened the door?

Sleet.  And nothing but.

Yes, the cold front had arrived, but instead of pretty-but-dangerous snow, we got painful-dangerous-and-depressing sleet.  And it didn’t stop!  It’s the first time since the bad weather started that we went a full day without a single break.  The thickness varied (on occasion it looked like snow, but it was too wet to settle), but it was constant.  Certainly made walking to and from work and Taekwondo an interesting experience.  Really hoping that the forecast stays accurate and we get a multitude of sunny days from tomorrow to make up for it.  If not, I’m gonna have to dig out the electric blanket, bills be damned!

And the bills will just keep coming, because I only have one pair of shoes that are actually waterproof – my hiking boots. Which require hiking socks and about 10 minutes to get on and off whenever I want to go somewhere.  All the others have been worn to the point where the leather can no longer take the strain.  So if I don’t get a break in the white fall, I’ll have to find another pair of boots too.  Don’t you just love it when life becomes more expensive than your paycheck?