A few weeks ago a guy at Taekwondo asked if I’d ever made a plush doll before.  The answer to that is no, but it’s something I’d always planned to try one day.  He then asked if I could do him a favour and make 2 character dolls of Xellos and Filia from the series ‘Slayers TRY’.  His girlfriend’s birthday was coming up, and she was a big fan, so he wanted to get her something different.  They’re aren’t any official toys so he immediately thought of me as an alternative.  I warned him that just because I had a sewing machine and made some costumes, I really wasn’t that good.  To which he said my attempts would still be better than his own.

ImageSo I agreed to do some research on patterns if he would pay for the materials and get me some reference shots.  Ended up finding a pattern that didn’t look too hard to follow, and he got me some photos of Xellos and Filia so bought some wool felt squares and got to work.

Sadly, I immediately hit a roadblock when I discovered – after 2 days of trying to get the pattern to match up – that the homemade pattern I downloaded wasn’t size accurate and I’d have to edit it myself.  Of course by that point I’d wasted a considerable amount of fabric so I’ll probably have to buy some more for the 2nd doll.  Thankfully friend is happy enough with my budget that it didn’t matter – and gave me the enjoyable experience of talking to someone who has no clue what a pattern is.  He was actually surprised that the head isn’t the same piece of fabric as the body.  It’s astonishing how much you learn about how clothing is put together when you actually have to do it yourself. 

ImageAnyway, today I devoted to finally finishing off the first body (Xellos) and seeing how good/bad it actually looked.  There are some obvious kinks with it – the gloves are different sizes, the back sides are a little warped, and I loathe shoes.  I messed up the pieces and as such, they’re on the wrong feet (and the stitching is a little bit…horrifying).  Will probably have to redo the trousers since they give the doll that very weird kink in the stomach, but to be honest they were just to see what it looked like once it was dressed rather than the finished result.  Overall, I’m quite happy with its appearance.  The gloves are made from velvet (dirt cheap remnant from the local fabric store) which isn’t exactly a perfect colour match but is just too pretty not to at least try – while the rest is all wool felt again.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make (if not finish) the head and put it aside for a while (having a bit of a problem sourcing yellow fabric for his shirt so clothes have to wait) and start work on the Filia.  I’ve got until the 22nd to finish them, but I’ve also got a cosplay to fix up, and a costume party to worry about, so the sooner the better.