You know, when I planned this blog, I was hoping to write 1000 words a day.  Clearly my University days are long behind me and I can’t ramble 4 digits at the drop of a hat anymore.

It’s kind of scary how easy it is to accumulate stuff.  Nobody really knows how much they have until they have to move it.  And when you’re digging through things and going ‘Wow, when did I get this?’ and ‘Okay, I didn’t know I had this’, you really you probably don’t need all the priceless junk you can’t bear to live without.  So even though I had so many plans for today…when I got an email reminding me that it’s zero insertion fees this weekend on Ebay…

Nine hours later I’ve done no work on the plush toys I have to make, haven’t written anything I said I would, let the beautiful sunny day outside go by without so much of a by your leave, no cinema trip, housework or even played a little video game.  BUT, got maybe half my necessary items up and god willing, will actually start making money and clearing my storage space up again.

I love eBay.  Up until about last year I loved it mostly for the cheap fabrics I could buy and the unique and obscure DVD’s and models I could only obtain through its bidding system.  However, when I realised I really need to do a clear out, I started doing some tentative postings, and got blown away by how much I actually made.  I cleared nearly half of my ‘disposable’ junk and made the better part of £2000 just through the website.  Money that took the place of my part time job after I left, and helped pay towards 2 conventions and my spending money in Japan.

Of course, after moving everything was in storage, so I held back and come December, immediately realised how much I’d been relying on eBay for my extra income.  So now that I’ve moved into a permanent abode, I needed something to kick-start the personal car boot sale plan again.

Now, I sold a lot of valuable things last year, which probably helped how much I made.  Still have a few valuables this time around, but think I’ll make the most money just out of quantity.  I really want to reduce what I own to a handful of boxes, rather than the 5 suitcases, 20 boxes and 3 plastic bags it currently takes.  There’s just something appealing about being able to name every single thing in your home space and not needing a map and Sherpa guide to find a book in your own room.