At work the year resets at the end of March, which means if you have any holiday leave left, you have to have used it by then or face losing it.  This year, despite nearly everyone going on a long holiday, there’s a surplus of excess leave.  So the office has become something of a ghost town as everyone starts taking Fridays and Mondays off to drop the number of days.  The downside is that when the year resets we’ll all have to get used to working 5 day weeks again after 2 months of 3-4 day weeks.

Since our supervisor likes to take Fridays off, I’m taking next Monday off.  But the part timer who works Fridays also had to take if off thanks to school holidays, so I was on my lonesome.  Thankfully the day managed to be pretty quiet (save a few hours in the afternoon where the phones inevitably began ringing off the hook) and I got through my teams portion of the record work – technically the Record’s department is in charge of it, but the job has become so large that every department is expected to help out for 2 hours a week.  Most of my team dislike the job, while I enjoy it, so I usually take a day to work on it.  It’s a nice break from what I’m currently doing (a job that is extremely repetitive and gonna take a few weeks to clear) and helps clear our workload.

Course, I couldn’t help but be a little bit jealous of my co-workers because every day since Christmas, we’ve been treated to miserable black skies.  Only interrupted by the random sleet and snowfall.  Because we’re near the ocean, we rarely get bad snow – but the surrounding countryside gets pelted in it.  It never really settles in the city, but it’s enough to have us all watching the car park to see how bad it gets.  More recently it’s been rain instead of ice, but still been fairly constant.  Extremely annoying – almost more so than actual snow.  At least then you know you’ll have trouble getting home or service will  be diminished, but when its erratic you can’t tell how to dress, how to act…anyone out with the city lives by the texts from the families to tell how bad it gets a few miles out.

Of course, when everyone is off and I’m stuck doing a full shift, for the first time this year, we had bright, beautiful sunshine.  With day jacket temperature.  All I get is 15 minutes outside to walk before enduring the rest of the shift.

What makes it even worse is that thanks to where our department is situated, sun is the worst thing you can have.  Cause come 2pm, it’s in the perfect position to hit right smack dab on my computer screen.  So I have to pull the blind down (weeping all the way) and block out the light so I can keep doing my work.

Ironically, had I not been working, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the weather anyway – because nearly everything I want to do in my spare time is inside.  There’s just something awful about working when the weather’s nice.