Could have written about a dozen things today, but let’s go with the cinema again.  But not so much a review, because the movie I’m writing about?  I’ve only seen half of it – I walked out before it ended because I was hating every minute of it.  The movie in question?  Flight.

I had a free day, and my movie list keeps getting longer and longer, so first went to see The Impossible for the second time.   However, midway through The Impossible a woman jumped up and started screaming. Her mother had collapsed and/or thrown up, so the movie was interrupted and the lights turned back on until the woman had recovered enough to be walked out. According to the first aider, it’s been happening at least once a day with The Impossible, she knew immediately what movie she was being called to.  Oddly enough, this hasn’t stopped people bringing in quite young children to the theatre.

Flight wasn’t even the movie I intended to go see after that.  I was planning on going to see Cirque du Soleil, but discovered the additional costs and decided not to bother until I knew it was worth seeing.  With that out, there was only one time viable option, and if I’m honest I’d been looking forward to Flight.  I enjoy Denzel Washington, it’s been nominated for a stupid amount of awards, and the plot looked pretty interesting.

When the opening shot chooses to be that of a woman’s naked breast, and then decides to watch her prance around the room giving off the impression that she’s a hooker, only to reveal she’s a stewardess, I was ready to leave.  As it was, I gave an hour before I snapped.  I did try to give the movie the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe this scene will be important to the story…or maybe they just did it to show off the actress’s body and act out the male audiences fantasies with the sexy stewardess.  The fact that the leading actress is not long after seen in a porn studio with men trying to convince her to act out said fantasies (again, as far as I could tell, for no other reason than they needed to give her a place to get drugs), makes me wonder exactly what the award nominators were smoking.

The first half isn’t even all that well put together.  The meshing of Whip and Nicole’s storylines at the start is all over the place.  Every time they cut to the other story, all I could wonder is why?  Nicole’s story was shunted in there, and it’s not until the two actually meet up that her scenes make sense.  Frankly, I’m not even entirely sure you needed to tell her story before she ended up in the hospital – or if you did, there HAD to be better ways of going about it than that.

Frankly, when I realised Whip was going to fall off the wagon, I’d had enough.  I grabbed my bag and walked out the cinema.  I had absolutely no interest in the characters – none of the main characters were people I cared about, I could see where the very warped moral was going (and a quick look on Wikipedia shows I was right), and frankly?  It was boring!  It was slow, it was slapped together – any interesting characters ended up being one scene wonders. 

Now, I admit that I have a childish nature.  I do like movies where you can tell your heroes from your villains, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a serious shade of gray movie.  Although I would really appreciate knowing that’s what I’m going to see.  The trailers came across a lot more humorous and more likeable main character. 

And at the end of the day, that’s probably my problem with Flight.  There’s a difference between an antihero and a just plain jerk.  And that’s all Whip every comes across as in the first hour of this movie.  A few kind moments tossed in almost as an afterthought (telling the stewardess to say she’s love her son at the black box) don’t change my opinion of him at all.  He’s arrogant and brutish, on top of being a coke sniffing alcoholic – and I have no real desire to watch that kind of man on the big screen for 2 hours waiting for him to realise his mistakes and make good.  Frankly I was ready to walk out after 5 minutes – an hour was my limit.

Yet, this is the movie people are screaming Academy Award and Oscar Bait at.  Was I watching the right movie?  If anyone who has seen it can explain why everyone is going gaga over this movie I’d very much appreciate it – because clearly I don’t have the right mindset to understand this so called Triumph.