Last week I put on 4 loads of washing.  Four.

I have a full wardrobe, chest of drawers and clothes in suitcases.  There is no way I should be so lacking in clothing that I need to do that many loads.  And with our washing machine broken once again, I’ve decided to see just how long I can go without going crazy with the water.

The plan?  Go the entire of February without washing anything more than underwear, my dobok’s and bedding.  I have tons of clothes, a lot of which I almost never wear – so this gives me incentive to get a little more creative with what I put on in the morning, and give me a hard lesson in what I should be tossing out.  If I can’t wrangle wearing it into this challenge, into the charity bin it goes.  Get the feeling my jewellery collection will get quite the cull come March.

There will be exceptions and rules of course, just due to where I live and certain other issues.  Like I said, underwear, Taekwondo clothing and bedding will be exempt, on the grounds that I certainly don’t have enough to last a whole month (well, maybe I could, but it would be pushing it).  I’ll try to wear jackets in a rotational system, but if it’s raining and windy, I’m going to wear the winter jacket that can actually handle it every single day.  As much as I love the several leather jackets I own, keeping myself from getting sick takes priority.

Oh, and I can buy new clothes during this time, but if I do, I can only wear one new thing at a time.  Might need to considering I have an awful lot of leggings, and not many skirts or dresses with which I can wear them.  Thankfully, I’ve moved to an area with many a charity shop to help with that need.

It’s actually probably going to be a lot harder than it sounds though.  Although I have plenty of clothes, I obviously have ‘work’ clothes and ‘casual’ clothes – and the majority of my things are (at least at first glance) not suitable for work.  Might have to put a lot of thought and planning into what I’m wearing every day to make sure I don’t run out of suitable things for the 4 days where I have restrictions on what I show up in.

Admittedly didn’t have the best start – I ended up spending the day in my scrubby clothes because I couldn’t be bothered putting in any effort.  At least I was comfy.  Lets see if I can’t fix that effort issue by the end of the month.