3 days of open training.  Nearly 4 hour’s worth of whacking a board over and over until I couldn’t feel my feet.  Destroying my still sensitive and not completely fixed up thigh muscles with my kicks.

Today was more of them same.  My left thigh still refuses to cooperate so I’m just using my left foot for kicking.  Thunk. Dud. Thunk. Dud.  Thunk. Thud. Ah! And repeat.

Getting close to the end of the session, my teacher who is stretching for the black belt training coming up comes over and warns me that I’m still in the habit of doing turning kicks instead of sidekicks (a habit I know I have, and really trying to break), so need to go slower and make sure my leg is in the right position.  Then another black belt comes over and gives me some advice on my footwork.  To be honest, it’s more advice than I’ve had with boards in quite some time, so definitely started to feel a difference when I kicked.  But still no breakthrough.

Since Black Belt training is going to be starting up soon (which I can stay and practice through, but it’s distracting to them and leaves me somewhat nervous, so usually don’t), I decide I’ll give it 5 more minutes then back it in.  A few dud hits, then I kick…and feel searing pain along my foot and ankle.  But oddly enough, not my sole…

I’ve actually broken the board and hit the pad on the other side!  Clearly not the right way judging from how much my foot is hurting (or maybe it was, and I just need to toughen it up, either’s possible), but it’s through!

According to my other teacher who was watching as I did it, the look on my face was pretty priceless – I clearly hadn’t expected the foot to go through at all.  Manage to replicate it on the second try, but hurt my foot again, which resulted in my third strike being a dud.  As was the fourth…but the fifth went through, and I finally let myself plunk down two boards instead of one.  Did some solid whacking for a few minutes before having to leave, but does mean that next week, I can go in and start working on breaking 2 boards and getting my level to where it needs to be.

I’m thinking I might get wraps or support bandages or something for the first tries though.  Clearly my foot doesn’t like it, and just having one layer of even minor protection might encourage me and make sure I don’t hold back.

Let myself celebrate by buying a Herbalife Protein Bar – which by the way, have replaced any and all other forms of chocolate in my heart because they taste so ridiculously good – and it’s got me in good spirits.  Good thing considering I’m probably not going to make all the classes next week since it’s going to be one of the few times in my life my social circle is frightfully active.

Anyway, feel I should say thank you again to the three who gave me support with last week’s post.  You all said I’d get it eventually, and though I doubt anyone (least of all me) thought I’d finally get the breakthrough the week after, you were right, and I finally feel like I’m back on the right track.