I am not from a close family.  By this point I’m sure my relationship with my parents is pretty self-explanatory – however this is not about them, but my brother.  Now the two of us have a pretty good relationship…we’re just really bad at staying in contact with each other.  He went through a phase where he was going through phones and was impossible to lock down, and I am just terrible at remembering to call people.  It’s gotten to the point where he relies on Facebook to make sure I’m still alive, and I rely on his girlfriends account to make sure he’s still breathing (he doesn’t update, while she pops up a photo of him every now and then).  Normally I see him at New Years since I’m usually in his city around that time, but this year I skipped it, so hadn’t seen him in a good 6 months.

Anyway, since I was actually going to be in the same city as my brother for once, figured I’d go see him, have lunch, and give him his Christmas-stroke-birthday presents.  I called him a week beforehand to see if he would be working that weekend – he says he’s free, but asks if his girlfriend can come too.  Since the two of them are generally joined at the hip, I say no problem. 

A few days before I leave, I text him asking if Sunday afternoon is good for him…and he never gets back.  I call him two days before I go, and he doesn’t answer, and the day before, I call again, this time getting a live body, but don’t pin him down to an actual time or place, saying he has to ask GF.  When Sunday rolls around, I call him…again no answer.  Finally realise what I’m doing wrong, and call his girlfriend, who also doesn’t answer.  Turns out they were sleeping in till 11, so I’ll forgive them a little. 

I have to be on a train at 3.45, so I really want to meet him around 2 so I have plenty of time.  He agrees, and I go out to meet up with friends, texting him with my location so we can meet up.  We finally settle in a Costa and I call them. 

By 2.10, they still haven’t arrived, and I receive a text.  They’ve had car trouble, but they’re on their way and will be another ten minutes.

Finally arrive around 2.40.  Apparently neither of them can tell the time.  When we finally get to the pub for lunch, it’s just before 3, but we at least have time to catch up. 

It seems kind of insane that in this age of technology we had so much trouble actually meeting up.  My phone even sent me messages they sent me two days ago, TODAY!

Don’t get me wrong, I hate people who are glued to their phones.  But it does seem frustrating that when we didn’t have them, it was so much easier to pin down and finalise plans.  Now, because people assume they can contact each other whenever they want, that they can make plans closer to the time.  I know I should have insisted on a place the first time I called, but my brother just would not commit – thus all the issues.