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This weekend I was in Glasgow for the Engagement Party of two dear friends.  I’m not a very sociable person, and not really sure what to do at parties a lot of the time.  However, with my company, I normally only have to wait until enough alcohol has been consumed, and then out pops our favourite party game.

Cards Against Humanity is a card game that was created through Kickstarter, and has a pretty simple premise.  Each player gets ten white cards, and one player picks up a black card.  Said card will have a sentence ending with a blank space(s) – such as:

When I’m a billionaire, I’ll erect a 50 foot statue commemorating ____________”

“The newest superhero team are ________ and _________”

Now, each white card has something written on it.  It can be something perfectly harmless, like a famous person or a random word or saying…but it could also be something pretty crass, including sexual innuendos, natural disasters and…well…pretty much anything under the sun.  The players pick their favourite white card to finish the black card’s statement, and whoever picked the black card will pick their favourite – who gets to keep the black card as a point.  No winner, just keep going until you get bored, pass out or can’t bear the depravity.

And boy do you realise how sick and twisted your friends can be while playing this game.  And just how low you’ll go to win a round of a game that has no real victor!  Case in point?  For the cards above, I won the billionaire card with the ending ‘My Hot Cousin.’  I have no excuse, though the other players had all drank liberal amounts of liquor by that point.

All in all – great game, though you really need to be sure of your company before you whip it out.  Certainly would never play it around my mother, though my Dad and brother would probably find it hysterical and try to buy their own copies.

The icing on the cake though?  The day after, everyone was talking about the game (including one person all but begging me to delete a video of him playing the game when he’d been a little too drunk!), and the owner of our copy mentioned they should make their own black card that says “The best thing about ‘two dear friends’ wedding is _______”

Friends?  Loved the idea, and if they remember it for their wedding, they’re planning on making custom cards to put on the reception tables, along with blank white cards for people to write their own answer.  Will get sweet answers from family, and crazy answers from friends that they can put together in a little trading card folder as a keepsake!

Proof that even the most depraved of items can have a nugget of decency at its core.