I was away for the weekend, which means I didn’t have access to the Internet Saturday, and by the time I came back on Sunday, I was in no shape to even look at a computer, much less type up a witty report.

And of course today was devoted to moving into my new flat (and boy do you realise how much priceless-can’t-live-without-it junk you have when you suddenly have to shift it on your lonesome.  It took me about 7 hours, but I’ve managed to start turning this room into my little haven away from reality.

A shelf full of Taekwondo awards, Kamen Rider Figures,  Game models, manga and a stupid amount of DVD’s, while ‘Battius Rex’ the giant bat plush stands guard over my wardrobe.
                      Yeah, now I’m home.

So despite really wanting to make sure I typed up something every day for the year, it seems somewhat ridiculous to write up 3 entries to catch up when the whole point was to do it every day, not to make sure I had the right number.  As such, I’ll be letting this weekend go in exchange for an extra 2 hours sleep tonight.

On the plus side, it gave me some good material for this week (including a depraved card game, the joys of a busy schedule, and why, in a world of email and mobile phones its still impossible to confirm a meeting!) so shouldn’t have any trouble writing up entries and not movie reviews (hooray!).