Well, on Monday the moving van comes, and I finally settle into my new flat in the centre of town.  It’s only taken 6 months to find, during which time I have no doubt driven my extremely patient flatmate round the bend – but I’ve already ranted about this, so I’ll bite my tongue.

Admittedly, Monday isn’t the best day to move.  I’ll be out of town all weekend (engagement party and baby shower!), so if it’s not ready today, I’m gonna be a mess Sunday night.  So of course I’m faffing around online rather than doing anything I need to.  Struggling for a topic, before I realised I’ll probably be using the weekend events for later posts, so perhaps now is the time to think of all the things I’m not going to miss about staying in my current flat.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss it, but remembering the bad makes the heart happier to leave:

1. Goodbye Downstairs Neighbour!

I’m sure everyone’s had the neighbour from hell.  Thankfully mine have never been hideously bad (though a few roommates have certainly made the list).  This little flat however, has a pretty tough cookie in the gentleman who lives downstairs.

Now, in his defence, the man is almost completely deaf.  Its very hard to have a conversation with him, and its clear he struggles sometimes.  However, he doesn’t let this stop him from enjoying musical pursuits.  From 6-8 EVERY night, he practices the violin (badly), while accompanying music screams from his Hi Fi, loud enough that the floor has shook on more than one occasion.  And when the TV is on, we can actually hear what’s being said through the floor.  At the very least, he doesn’t keep it up past 9pm, but not gonna miss those concerts.

2. Goodbye Treat Torture!

At the former flat, it was my other roommate that was the amateur chef with all the cookbooks.  However, since getting a kitchen of her own, current roommate spent December and January going crazy with the sweet treats.  Christmas cakes, muffins, flapjacks, rocky road, coloured sugar…every evening she seemed to be cooking.  And all these nummies would be left lying around the kitchen – or worse, I’d open the fridge and be greeted with a slab of deliciousness…that I’m not allowed to eat!

Sure…I can have a small piece here and there, but most of it was for her coworkers and family…I just had to live with it always. being. there!  Happy to get a nice big kitchen where 70% of the work surface isn’t covered in muffins.

3. Goodbye Commute!

I can’t drive, nor could I ever afford a car in this city…or risk a moped on these roads.  So until this flat, I always picked flats that were in walking distance to the city.  Not only did this mean I could go anywhere whenever I wanted, but was a really good way to get some extra exercise (previous flat was a good 40 minutes from work, to and from a day adds up to a nice bit).  Course, they’re always a bit more expensive…until you start counting up the bus pass and all the additions – ends up being about the same.

I have been dependent on buses to get everywhere for the last 3 months.  As a whole, I don’t like buses (give me an underground rail any day), but just to make it worse, there’s only one company in the city, and they charge daylight robbery.  What I have had to fork out in order to get to and from work and Taekwondo is almost painful.  New flat is just a mere 20 minutes leisurely walk, much better.

4. Hello Space!

At the end of the day, my roommate wasn’t looking to share this flat, and my room is a guest room – not intended for a long term boarder.  There’s just enough room for a bed and a chest of drawers.  All of my stuff remained in boxes and I’ve had to use my laptop in the living room.  The plus side of this is we got to have plenty of conversations since we were both in the same room, but considering the size of the room I moved out of, not having enough space for my things has been trying.  Cannot wait to get properly unpacked for the first time since September and see all my pretty models and books and videos where they should be.  It’ll also mean I can start sewing costumes and selling stuff on Ebay again!

…You know, it’s actually kind of impressive I can’t take this up to five.  I’m a naturally negative person (means you’re never disappointed, and makes things that go right even better), so one would think I could throw out 5 justifiable reasons to walk out singing.  Think I’ve just gotten fond of the place.  Give me 3 months and I’ll be singing the praises of the new flat, no matter what the problems.