Given that I’m really trying to move things along and get moved out next week, I decided to devote tonight to getting my new room ready and my old room packed up.

Sadly, the first step of this plan didn’t work out as well as I would have liked.  First of all I got stuck at the front door.  Turns out that it takes some inventive thought process to actually get the first door open – its stiff and there’s about 3 different locks on it, only one that actually works.  When I finally do make my way in, I get another look at my new room and get reminded of just how much it needs a clean.  Former roommate clearly never lifted up a duster or a hoover.  So I dig out the hoover (after moving the bed into a better position) to get to work.

Turns out, hoover doesn’t work all that well.  I think it needs to have the bag changed.  Unfortunately its a huge bulky old fashioned thing, and I don’t even know where I’d get bags for it, never mind how I’d change it.  Need to call up the landlady and see if she has any idea.  Also couldn’t find any dusters, so left the room pretty much in the same shape it was in when I left.

At least this evening was more productive.  Most of my things were never unpacked from when the lease ran out in September and I took refuge at my friends, so it’s mostly been a case of counting boxes and repacking the few I’ve been digging in (computer and DVD boxes have been the main victims of this).

Despite all this, I found myself with several drawer’s worth of stuff that doesn’t have a home, and I’m at a loss.  Okay, some of the models are understandable, I went to Japan.  But the amount of random stuff a person accumulates without even meaning too is borderline ridiculous.  I remember my former flat – when I made the decision to start selling stuff on ebay early last year, I thought it would only take a few months to get rid of everything I didn’t want.  I still have about 5 boxes of stuff I’ll happily exchange for cash – and that’s after putting up a good 20 things a week for nearly 6 months.  No matter how deep I dug into the quagmire, I kept finding things.  The phrase ‘How long have I had this?’ pretty much became my catchphrase – I’m almost surprised I didn’t dig out the Ark of the Covenant while I was gutting and packing up, lord knows plenty of things I genuinely can’t explain being in my possession popped up back then.

I am so looking forward to having space, and a permanent address, so I can start selling stuff and getting to enjoy said space again.  Along with the financial relief that kind of clear out provides.