First of all, I want to thank the two bloggers who gave me encouragement in my last post.  I really appreciate it – I do remember how much I struggled with every aspect of this art, and I am desperately looking forward to the day I can look back and just remember my struggles with fondness instead of frustration.  But it helps to remember that I’m not the only one who doesn’t get things right in the first few tries.

Today, the lovely city of granite finally got hit with the snow we were threatened with all weekend.  The rest of the country got it late last week, but our proximity to the ocean held it back again.  When it finally did start to fall, it spent the morning trying to decide exactly what kind it would be.

Anyone who gets snow on a regular basis knows the problem.  You get the fake Disneyland esque snow, which is tiny little drops that doesn’t stick and kind of looks pretty.  Then there’s the fluffy hail stuff, which is basically Disney snow thrown in a blender and thrown at your face the second you step outside.  Still, these are the two types we all pray for, cause they cause the least havoc.  And for a good part of the morning, we were getting Disney snow.

Then it upgraded to fluffy snow.  That thick 50 pence piece sized chunks that stick to the ground with intent.  It’s gonna turn the world into a winter wonderland or die trying.  And before Christmas, its kind of pretty.  After Christmas, its just a painful reminder of what’s past and met with a mutual groan throughout the office.

Around 11.30, it stopped, and we all breathed a sigh of relief…until it started up again around 12…as sleet.  Sleet is by far the worse.  It’s basically snow without any of the good parts.  That just came and wouldn’t leave.  I ended leaving in the sleet, grimacing at the slush on the ground, but at least I knew I wouldn’t have trouble getting into town again for TKD.


Or so I thought.  Forgot that naturally, the further out from the centre you go, the worse the weather.  By the time my bus trundled into my street, I was looking at snow on the ground a few inches thick.  The roads and paths were covered in it – not promising.

Still, gonna give it the good old college try.  Haven’t missed a single training session since the New Year, and although snow is a good excuse (and perfectly justifiable excuse when you’re depending on pretty unreliable public transport), I’m not quite ready to break my attendance streak just yet.