Have you ever been struck by this immediate, completely irrational urge to watch or read something, and not been able to explain why?

Normally I can usually track the obsession to an obvious starting point, but on Thursday I was struck with the oddest thought.

‘Hmm…haven’t seen Jumanji in ages…’

Now…I have not watched anything with Robin Williams in it for a long time.  I haven’t watched anything about games, jungles or similar genres…this thought literally just popped into my head without explanation.

And it would not go away.  No matter what I did or watched, all I could think about was JumanjiJumanjiJumanji!  Eventually cracked and did what all people do these days – go online and see if there was a stream of it on the web.  There wasn’t, and the few clips I did find just fueled the desire.

So today I cracked and went a hunting for the DVD.  Could probably have bought it on Itunes, but I don’t really have the space on my hard drive, so a proper copy was easier.  However, HMV and CEX both struck out…so ended up trying Asda while I was walking around town.  To my surprise, there was a copy for a great price, so in the bag it went.

Ironically, now that I have it?  The desire has vanished.  Instead I went to the cinema to see The Hobbit, and now that I’m home haven’t bothered to pop it in the DVD player.