After 6 months I have finally, finally have a new flat.  Well, still technically have to meet the landlady, but once I’ve done that, I’ll hopefully get the keys and then its just a case of moving in.  Flat is huge, probably gonna be cold and all the other roommates are smokers, but its close to town and its just in my budget, so I’m happy.

I just can’t believe its taken me 6 MONTHS to find a place.  I knew I had a good deal with my flat (£350 a month all inclusive), which in this city is unheard of.  The problem is that this city of granite is an Oil Town.  So people charge oil wages, even when you don’t make them.

It’s not like London – where companies understand that living there is expensive and adjust wages accordingly.  Here?  You have oil wages, and then normal wages.  And good luck if you make normal wages.  Especially here.

Now I’m absolutely freaking out.  I always freak out when I make a big decision.  Just hoping everything works out.  Please, please PLEASE let this work out…