Was gonna do a movie review, but will leave that for tomorrow.  My roommate is watching one of Gok Wan’s shows and that’s getting me a little agitated.  So I find myself writing about clothes and image.  Again.

I don’t know if my brain just isn’t wired to understand the important of image, but I hate these kinds of shows.  They bring on people who are smart, and funny, and caring and genuinely good people.  And then they get told their clothes basically ruin them for relationships and confidence.

Now, when I choose clothing, they come in three options.

One: Daily Clothes – What I wear 5 days out of 7 for work.  Usually consist of dress trousers and a plain t-shirt.  It is most decidedly not the most flattering thing I’ve ever worn, but you know what?  Its comfortable and functional, and that is all that matters to me.

Two: Casual Clothes – I swap the dress trousers for jeans during the week, and at the weekends swap the plain for a Qwertee and a plaid shirt.  Comfortable and casual.

Three: Fun Clothes – What I wear when I really want to make an effort to express myself, maybe once or twice a month.  Usually involve layers, patterns, a lot of weird jewellery and accessories and trying to be a little bit eclectic.

Three is definitely my favourite option, and I’d love to dress like that more often.  But it’s so much hassle to put together and then wash that it almost never seems worth it.  But you know what?  They are in no way the most flattering things I could wear.  I have no doubt that if I let someone like Mr Gok Wan, or hey, even my mother decide my wardrobe I would look stunning.

That said, if I did – every time I looked in the mirror I’d see a stranger.  When I make an effort it reflects my personality, and when I don’t I can get through the day completely at ease, which few can.

I had roommates who refused to set foot out the door unless they had an inch of makeup, heels and full dress.  As such they’d actually pay me to go out in the morning to buy milk or cigarettes or whatever they needed.  I made a killing, because I don’t wear makeup, and have no hesitation about stepping outside in a pair of jogging bottoms and an oversized t-shirt.  And it meant I wasn’t spending hours getting ready.  The few times I did try wearing makeup, I realised I had spent more time worrying I’d smeared and and taking bathroom breaks to make sure I hadn’t smeared it than I had anything else that day.  After that I stopped wearing it other than the odd dash of eyeliner and never looked back.

Similar reasons are why I won’t wear heels.  My personal motto with shoes is “Don’t wear anything you can’t run in” so heels are out, unless they’re less than an inch, and big o’l chunky things.  I have owned one exception, which ironically, looked awful on me.  My mother did once put me in a pair for an interview – ended up tripping over my ankles and walking barefoot down the street to and from the interview because I felt it was safer.

I know these people go on these shows because they want help with their image, but it just keeps enforcing this idea that you have no value unless you look good.  Why can’t there be a show that’s all about getting people to stop caring about their appearance and getting their own confidence and self worth up in a way that doesn’t involve a sparkly top?  What’s wrong with being comfortable?