Today was a coworkers first day back, after having spent Christmas in Florida (lucky devil).  And, as I happen to be a big fan of a certain Dreamworks television show (yet ironically, not the movies from which it was inspired), she brought me back this:

ImageIt’s Skipper!  The crazy psychotic Penguin commando himself!  He’s currently taking point on my bed next to Angus Wesley the Westie who I got in Inverness (and yes, I do have a thing about cuddly toys and giving them weird names – everyone needs a hobby).

The marine theme continued at lunch time too.  After my kettlebells session (starting to wonder if I’ll ever bend my legs again!), I was walking back across the bridge when I was stopped by a guy with a camera.  Turns out, the River Don had a visitor of the black mammalian kind.  A big ol’ hungry seal.

He was a beauty too.  The Don is known for seals swimming up near the harbour, and this one spent a good 8 minutes battling with a trout trying to get it down.  Had a good crowd watching him too, and had me running late cause I was so fascinated by following him around.

And just to round off the night, I ended up going to see ‘The Impossible’ – which is the movie based around the 2004 Thailand Tsunami.  Very much a tear jerker and definitely designed to make you sob your heart out.  It also didn’t shirk on the graphics either – it did cut away on occasion, but blood and grisly aftereffects of surviving something like that were not held back.