This is the first year in a good few years where I entered the New Year without a single illness.  That’s pretty much unheard of in my world.  If there is a flu, I catch it, if there’s a cold, I’m sniffling.  If aliens beam down from the sky and give us all brainfreeze, I’m already on the Neurofem.

So it was a pleasant surprised that not only was I healthy, but managed to make 3 for 3 exercise classes.  Non-Contact Kickboxing on Sunday, and both Tae-kwon-do and Kettlebells tonight.

Course I have paid for my diligence.  This morning I woke up and thought my joints had been replaced with a rusty gate.  I could almost hear the squeaking as a forced them to move.  Every muscle has been stiff and unresponsive all day.

Made even worse by the TKD class.  Everyone else was in pretty poor shape, and as eager to be there as I was, though at least their limbs were all still working.  Did go in enthusiastic though, as yesterday I slipped on the scales, and discovered that, unlike last year where Christmas and the January illness/collapse saw me put on half a stone, I hadn’t put on a pound.  Whether that’s due to me running around most of Christmas, or that muscle has atrophied quite badly, I’m not sure.

Still, class was – in any other week – pretty light.  Some running, some stretching and then going through basic movements.  And when half the class is sneezing and the other half trying to remember exactly what goes were, basic is the word.  We all stumbled through the movements (personally need to get my knee up higher – right now my kicks aren’t going to hit anything of use), and gratefully dragged ourselves out the door for the night.

…Or at least, the majority did.  I still had 45 minutes of the following Kettlebells class to follow.

The teacher was sick, so couldn’t do most of the movements.  But that just meant she could keep an extra eye on us and the new victims to make sure we were doing it right.  Victory in this class too – walked in genuinely expecting to crash midway through when a limb packed it in, but got through with a 12kg Kettlebell right up until the Getup (most hideous thing you can do with a Kettlebell, I assure you) and the sit ups where you have one hand above holding the stupid thing (got to about 20 seconds and my arm packed it in.  Would not move another millimetre).  Think if I can make it to all the classes, my birthday treat might be going up to the 16kg bell (gee…just what I’ve always wanted…)

Now I’m home, my limbs don’t feel so bad.  Heavy exercise has loosened them somewhat, but I’m a little terrified of how I’ll feel in the morning.  There’s a little voice in my head wagging its finger and telling me that the more exercise I do, the faster the pain from not exercising over the Christmas period will go.

And all I really, really wanna do, is punch that voice in the face…