This is Connor, sitting in my mug.

Connor is my stress bull.  He’s seen me through university and many a stressful moment.  Why exactly do I have a stress bull?  Because for some reason during my Academy days I seemed to accumulate stress balls by the dozen, and he just happened to be the one I kept after an annual ‘gutting’ of my masses of crap.

But Connor, as awesome as he is, is not the focus of this blog entry.  I merely added a photo of him (and my mug) to point out that I was back to work today, and thus these two items became very important.  Connor, less than the mug, because its still early days and people aren’t quite to driving other people up the proverbial wall via phone calls yet.  But he stands ready at attention for that day anyway.

Did not get enough sleep the night before.  A week of hitting the bedroom around 3 and not getting up until noon will have an effect on one’s sleep schedule, so I dragged myself in for a respectable enough time, and guzzled down the first (of many) cups of tea to try and wake myself up.  I at least had company in the form of my line manager, and had about two weeks of work to catch up on.  Thankfully, my current exercises are nearing their end so my workload is pretty slow and relaxing even after a two week hiatus.

The most interesting thing to happen today was the mail room conversations I eavesdropped on in the afternoon.  I love listening to the mail room chatter, the amount of random stuff they natter on about is kind of like ‘guess the wiki.’  Today’s highlights – were the little white buttons with hundreds and thousands called Jazzles? and what was the reality show where guys ended up dating a transgender without knowin? (no, they’re called snowies, while the milk chocolate ones are called jazzies, while a jazzle is something people in Essex do to their nether regions, and ‘There’s Something About Miriam’)

On the plus side, I managed to make up about an hour’s flexi time (working schedule of the gods is flexi), and at least this is just a two day week.  I don’t know how I’d take coming in for a full week after Christmas right off the bat.