Making long complicated lists has never been my forte.  But with the New Year resolution necessity cropping up, I feel there is really only one I can offer.

“One way or another, I will get out of Aberdeen this year.”

That’s it.  If I can accomplish one thing this year, that’s it.  I have spent my university years here; I have been stuck in a dead end job that no longer pays my bills for 3 more years.  My family have left, my friends have fled, and there is nothing here for me but my Taekwondo school.  As such, it’s time to go.

So what’s the plan?  At the moment, there are three.

Plan 1: Find a new job.

Plan 2: Look into moving to Australia.

Plan 3: Take the TEFL course.

Plan 2 and 3 are, naturally, more than capable of being put into action at the same time.

Plan 1 needs to be my main focus for the next 3 months.  I feel I should give myself a time limit, especially since the recession isn’t making the market any easier.  Ideally, I’d like to find an entry level job within a publishing firm or literary agent’s office.  I still cling to the hope that I might one day become a literary agent, though the last couple of years have done their damndest to crush those dreams.

Now, I’ve been looking for a while, and admittedly my current location does me no favours.  Aberdeen has no publishing industry, and they’re really, really big on doing internships.  Which means getting into the business the normal way will mean quitting my job and moving to another city, working for nothing, while living on a budget of nothing.

Can anyone see the flaw in that plan?

So although I’ll be sending out CV’s like crazy, if I haven’t gotten anywhere by March, I have to accept that that avenue is probably closed off to me for the immediate future.  And so turn my attention to the rest of the world.  If there are no jobs here, let’s look elsewhere.

I love writing, but even when I was little, this passion was equalled by one other dream.  I wanted to travel.  In the last few years I’ve managed to achieve some of that.  In three years I’ve seen more countries than both my parents combined.  Not for very, and not in the way I planned, but I’ve stepped on foreign land enough to get the travel bug pretty strongly.

That said, Australia is not my preferred country.  But it has advantage over everywhere else on the planet – a support network.  AKA, my mother, who emigrated over there a few years back.  And having a place to stay rent free for an indefinite period of time would definitely make life easier.

Final plan – I need to attend a TEFL course in Aberdeen to see if I have any talent for teaching.  If I do, then I can work abroad, and not just be limited to Australasia.  It would be expensive, but if I can make a proper go of it, it could solve so many problems and achieve so many dreams.

Whatever happens, should I still be jobless come March, I will be making plans to leave the country in November.  Why November?  Because I am an anime nut, who happens to love a good convention.  If I leave in November, I can catch Minami, the very last Ayacon, and the fourth year of Eurocosplay at Halloween.

…And if this sounds just a little bit childish considering I just spent last post and the first part of this one talking about jobs and my future, read the tagline of this blog.  Expect a healthy heaping chunk of childishness to show up at irregular intervals.